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Yoga Teacher

Duncan Wong is the world recognized YogicArts method founder and a celebrated vinyasa yoga pioneer.

Born into a family of mystics, scholars, and artists, Duncan began a life of movement in a dojo at age seven; a path that led him in and out of the ring as a champion fighter, and onto yoga mats and massage tables in the jungles of India and the yoga underground of California and New York City where he exploded onto the scene debuting as the first man on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine that launched the global Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga awareness. He devoted his twenties to a Buddhist warrior-monk and lived in his temple training for 10 years.

After four decades of training and teaching countless yogis, athletes, and dancers in the healing fields, he became known as the father of Warrior Yoga; a path of self-expression and a state of Zen mind.